" If I report, contributed to protect children and adolescents. 'Shut up, will submit. "
Communication Concepts
From a communication point of view, the organization have agreed to use the image of the wall together with other Cartagena representative icons, such as the "Palenqueras", women from Palenque who sell fruits in the streets as part of the informal touristic sectors, waiters as part of the formal working sector, musicians, ice cream salesmen and the color of our flag: yellow, green and red.

Besides, we have included the slogan "Here we protect our children and teenagers from commercial sexual exploitation" to emphasize in the purpose of the campaign.

The activities of the communication strategy are intentionally oriented to making Cartagena society aware of the situation and at the same time make them assume certain reviews, judgments, interpretations or behavior, in relation with the protection of children and teenagers.
The messages are inscribed with the purpose of generating and increasing protection of children and teenagers from commercial sexual exploitation, and to persuade and commit its recipients towards the construction of safe environments within the travel and tourism context.

They are conclusive messages, since they encourage adhesion, attachment, affection and protection of children. For example, "La Muralla soy yo" (I am the Wall) promotes an affirmative language: "Here we protect our children and teenagers from sexual exploitation", which enounces a factual reality but at the same time warns and sensitizes visitors towards protection.
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