"Being indifferent do not exclude or to you or yours. Life will be more beautiful if we protect our children."
  • The most significant impact of the project has been the achievement of having each one of the actors participating in the project to exert his task with commitment, seriousness, responsibility and specially understanding himself as part of the solution.
  • Commitment from the tourist sector: Corporación de Turismo Cartagena, Cotelco, Asotelca, Asoget, Fenalco and Anato.
  • Implementation of the prevention strategy THE CODE in touristic companies. During 2012, 64 touristic service providers were certified at The Code (Conduct code for the prevention of ESCNNA). This process continues being led by the hotel associations and by the Tourism Corporation Cartagena de Indias.
  • During 2012, 1.542 collaborators of the touristic service providers were trained as ESCNNA prevention agents.
  • The creation of the only Association of Formal and Informal Touristic Service Providers for the Prevention of Commercial Sexual Exploitation for Children and Teenagers (ASOTPRESCNNA) integrated by horse carriage drivers, taxi drivers, guides, beach tent owners, musicians, etc. These are men and women who work in the informal tourism sector and who after a sensitization and training process decided to conform a network, become a wall, to protect children and teenagers and to legally report ESCNNA.
  • The strengthening of the ECPAT Youngsters´ Network Colombia, which continues developing prevention actions against ESCNNA in their communities and educational institutions.
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